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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> the orbiter there on the top as endeavor continues to power its way into orbit. 90 miles altitude. 3 minutes, 15 second into the flight. >> it's heading into orbit right now. it was a beautiful launch. >> it was right on time. >> right on time this morning from nasa, from florida and -- >> engine still looking in good shape. hydraulic systems and electrical systems on board the orbiter. >> reporter: obviously you're always getting nervous when there's a launch and you're looking for signs. this is the final launch of the space shuttle en dea vour.
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it will be delivering a special deliver. >> it's very important for the space program and as you mentioned everybody gets nervous as you watch that happening. but the weather was nice. the launch right on time. listening to him talk about the fuel we had some of that information, it was they filled the shuttle with, what is it, half million gallons of fuel of liquid gases and they burn it in 9 minutes. he was talking about how much per second, just incredible. >> and we've been talking about the fact that wounded arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords was there watching this launch. her husband is commander of this shuttle mission. she had a chance to see it along with everyone else out there. thousands of people on hand for
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a picture perfect launch. >> we'll keep watching. we're keeping an eye on florida. we have a reporter there who gave us a preview ahead of time. hopefully we can check back in with her a little bit later and keep watching the shuttle as it gets into orbit there this morning. we got to watch that live. we'll keep showing that launch again throughout the morning. stay with us. our time is now 6:01. >> bay area news coverage continues. again we are watching the space shuttle endeavor take off. it was nice to see it live. thank you for joining us. >> let's check with weather and traffic. here is steve. >> on this monday morning we have cloudy skies, a little hit and miss shower. it's been a little bit in the santa clara valley.
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bigger system poised to move in later tonight. increasing clouds and then rain moves in tonight. it could be over an inch of rape between now and tomorrow morning. >> good morning, traffic in san francisco along northbound 101 coming up to the 80 split. they had report of big rig crash turned out not to be there. that ramp is open. also the morning commute as you're driving on 680 northbound that looks good as welcoming up -- southbound looks good. 6:03. let's go back to the desk. injured giants fan brian is scheduled to be moved closer to home today. brian stow has been in the los angeles hospital ever since being brutally attacked outside of dodger's stadium 6 weeks ago. later today a medical jet will fly him from the los angeles airport to sfo. from there, he'll be taken to the trauma center at san francisco general hospital. his mother says the first order of business will be to stabilize him after that trip from los angeles.
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>> hopefully that will be in a day or two and so we're going to be excited abthat and start his re-- about that and start his recovery. that's what we're hoping for. >> reporter: they say they have no resentment for dodger fans or for the city of los angeles. ktvu's ally has been talking to los angeles police just this morning. ally will give us an update on the search for those two attackers. that's coming up in our next half hour. crews are set to remove an old oak tree in the park today. they are clearing the way for a water line project. craig is in the park this morning talk to neighbors. >> reporter: it's complicated. we're at 15th avenue on marsh. on friday a couple of the people who live here got this flyer, looks like discount coupon or flyer from the restaurant. it's from the utilities
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commission. what they're talking about is removing that tree behind this house over here in order to expand and/or move a pipeline for a improvement project. now, i'm making the distinction between the san francisco public utilities commission because this is a san francisco project. the pipeline runs through the county. now, a lot of the neighbors around here have known that in their backyards there's poverty belongs to the sfpuc. but nothing has been done for a long time and then recently they heard some rumblings that something could be done but that some of the neighbors are saying they heard the san francisco public utilities commission will tell them when it will be done and give them ample time to, you know, lead a protest or perhaps make some suggestions that might better improve this project. they don't want this tree moved. they don't want it cut down at all. they say this tree has been here since the american
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revolution. a lot of people out here are going to do something for the first time, do something they've never done in their lives before which is get arrested. >> we're going to definitely be under the tree. >> you're going to get arrested. >> i hope i'm willing to be arrested if that's what it takes. >> please sheriff's department. i'm a good person. >> now, one thing we have to do is we have to check with san francisco public utility's commission. >> reporter: they're supposed to be out here this morning to cut down that tree and meeting them out here are people like marian who are supposed to come out here as well and place themselves around the tree in order to prevent the san francisco public utilities commission from chopping down the tree and making way for their water improvement project. reporting live, craig, ktvu channel 2 news. will a fleet of bay area ships are about to get smaller.
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here is the clean up effort that continues today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. some call it a moth ball or ghost ship fleet. right out there you can see later today the number of ships out there. what you're looking is the reserve plate. a dive class ship built by the u.s. navy towards the end of world war ii and it will be pulled today and will become disassembled destroyed. back in october 2009, the obama administration vowed to get ready more than 50 obsolete vessels parked in the bay. we've been in contact with the u.s. department of transportation mary time administration this morning. we've been told the long process of moving these two ships will take two hours of preparation in order to begin towing them away. the tide will determine if the process will begin on time. the ship recycling facility in charge of this procedure is
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based in san francisco, bae systems. we're going to have more on this live where we are this morning. coming up, for now, this ghost or moth ball fleet will have two left ships by the end of the day. pg and e will start high pressure pipeline testing today near the antioch bridge. a similar test took place last week. during these tests pg and e filled a pipeline with water. crews look at pressure gauges to figure out if that pipeline has any leaks. these tests are in response to the pipeline explosion last september. pg and e customers should not notice any service interruption but gas is rerouted before that test. also in response to the sanbruno explosion, the california public utilities commission will hold the public hearing today. the hearing will take place in
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santa ros. the agency wants the public input on how the commission can make sure transmission lines are safe. that meeting starts at 4:00 this afternoon. it goes until 7:00 this evening. it's at the steal lane community center. other meetings have been held in sanbruno and in los angeles. >> time now 6:08, president obama warning congress that failing to raise debt limit may plunge the country back into recession. they start thinking u.s. might not make good on ious, the whole financial system could fall apart. they're refusing to approve from borrowing without steps to keep debt under control. the debt limit has to be increased by august 2nd in order to keep paying the government's bills. governor jerry brown will release his revised california budget proposal at 11:00 this morning. the governor is expected to continue to call for higher
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vehicle sales and personal income taxes. republican lawmaker say tax expansions are not needed because incoming revenue is better than expected. they call that revenue bump, slight. he says it doesn't cover the safe's $15.4 billion dedeficit. >> they are still looking for those responsible for deadly gang shoot out in the city's heights neighborhood. two people were killed. a third person injured outside a housing project on apple ton avenue saturday evening. now witnesses say the deadly shooting followed a fight between two rival street gangs. >> our guys that live here were taking off their jackets getting ready to fight fist to fist. >> investigators say that fistfight quickly escalated into deadly gun fire. police have increased patrols in the the neighborhood fearing retaliation. time now 6:10.
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with the race celebrated 100 years over the weekend. it was less alcohol, a lot of crazy cos stalks and of course running. -- crazy costumes and of course running. the race started at 7:00. yesterday morning the elite runners showed off their skills, behind them 55,000 more took part in the race along with, i don't know, yeah, people like them, so-called band its who didn't registered. as promised the police were there. they cracked down on the alcohol. 17 people were arrested for public intoxication. 3 others were arrested for assault. 4 people were arrested for burglary. >> brian wilson made an appearance there for you. >> were you in the city, did you take part at all or did you avoid it? >> i did avoid it, i love the bay to break, this year i wanted to sleep in. can you blame me?
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>> you know, i get up so early today. let's go out and take a look at what we had. westbound bay bridge as but come up to the toll plaza. no major problems coming into the city. the traffic is moving along okay if you are driving on the bridge. this is a look at interstate 880. it's a light drive. it's light from oakland. and finally if you're driving in san jose that earlier accident southbound 101 turned out to be not a big traffic hazard. the rest of the commute looks good. on the peninsula traffic is looking good. at 6:12. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir, we have cloudy skies, mostly cloudy skies. there's been some light rain around. russian river, hit and miss. santa chair a. and also up toward -- into lake county. this is really left over from yesterday and the system that's moving in now is much much stronger. it's more winter like and it's
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going to play in by tonight. today's forecast does call for cloudy skies. 42-52. by noon there will be some rain developing. there's some right now. we're waiting for the system to move in. by tonight, this could be a really tough evening commute. rain moderate to heavy at times for may as temperatures stay really cool and some of the rain totals could exceed an inch. believe it or not this thing is right there. you can look at that at home and says it looks pretty impressive. it's going to be right over us. jet stream, everything seemed right at us. highs today stay cool, quarter of an inch -- some of the wind gusts 20 to 40 miles per hour has developing low. comes right over the bay area which for this time of year deserves a while. 40s to low 50s. so it's cold for some and not too bad for others. one of the system that left has now moved up heading toward the sacramento valley. parts of lake county, light
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rain. this system is swinging in. there's a lot going for it. it's still developing it doesn't look like a whopper yet. the moisture is way above average for this time of year. steady rain will move in by tonight. some of that will give us a cool pattern. we'll have more rain tuesday night, wednesday morning, finally things calm down but extremely active pattern for this time of year. it's active any time. winter storm warning, 4:00 today until 5 a.m. 6 to 12 inches of snow. possible especially above 6,000 feet. this is a warmer system. cloudy, rain moves in later. we've had some off and on hours. i mean, we are far far below average on the afternoon highs and they're going to stay this way through at least wednesday or thursday. that will be the warmest. rain off and on until wednesday, then things -- at least the rain line calms down. we'll have a slight warm up friday saturday. looks like another cool down on
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sunday. >> time now 6:14. senator john kerry is in pakistan now. pretty intense negotiations he's involved in after the killing of bin laden. and we watched it live. it was a beautiful launch for the space shuttle endeavor's final trip into space. we're going to take a look at more coming up.
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the fresh tasting california sour cream your other food loves. welcome back.
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time 6:17. some pretty tense talks are underway in pakistan. senator john kerry is there meeting with top pakistan government officials. allison burns live in our washington, d.c. news room to explain how the relationship has really changed since u.s. forces killed osama bin laden, allison. >> reporter: let's get right to some of that brand new video with the prime minister. we learned moments ago hilary clinton would also be visiting pakistan in the near future. that is a very big deal considering the drama between the two countries. senator kerry is delivering a specific list of demands about how to rule out al queda and the taliban. he's warning u.s. patience is wearing thin. after the discovery osama bin laden had been hiding. pack stags are four --
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pakistans are furious -- pakistans are furious too. >> we are not going to stop in our efforts to guarantee the safety. >> reporter: senator kerry is warning that u.s. aid is at stake if they don't boost their cooperation. the arrest has -- u.s. has given pakistan $20 billion since 2002. there's a nuptial in -- push in congress for more sanctions over its nuclear program. new legislation for an affairs committee will impose penalties on human rights abusers in iran and on foreign companies that do energy business with iran. the u.s. has tried repeatedly to get iran to take part in international talks over its nuclear programs. iran insists that the program is to generate electricity, not too build nuclear weapons. this morning, the international criminal courts chief prosecutor officially asked for arrest warrants for
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libyan leader gadhafi and two senior members of his regime. the prosecutors saga da fee one of his sons and intelligence chief should be arrested for deliberately targeting civilians in their crack down against rebels. the judges will consider the evidence and then make a decision. time now 6:19, san francisco police are looking for a person of interest in connection with the killing of 74-year-old man after spotting that person of interest on tape using the victim's money. police say the man you see in this video bought items at bay area target store with money from the 74-year-old victim identified as joseph williams and his bank account. williams family found him dead last week. police they've got the man on camera taking money out of williams bank account at atm. there is a map to track all of the homeless camps in the
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city limits. the map is brain child that fire spokesman tweeting. tweety came up with the idea after large fire at abandoned car dealership where several homeless people have been living. the first responders need to know where homeless people are just in case of another emergency. right now it's 6:20. want to go back over to check in on hopefully no big problems but how is the commute? >> we don't have a lot of big problems out there right now. let's go right to the live pictures. bay bridge is getting a little bit more crowded at the toll plaza. also this morning we're looking at the traffic on the bridge and also on this bridge, traffic does move well. if you're driving in walnut creek, traffic looks good, antioch traffic on highway 4 westbound slowing down. 6:21. let's go to steve. >> increasing clouds throughout the day, and rain has been some light stuff, nothing too heavy. it's on its way may get a little bit of sun breaks here.
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clouds will roll in this afternoon by this evening and tonight. we have a decent looking system that's going to give us moderate rain. we get a little break here before it arrives. 40s to low 50s. 42 fair field. 43 liver more. it is a little cool for some. light rain, santa cruise, nothing too heavy. we're waiting for that system, it's still getting its act together. once it does, it's going to give us some steady rain. that will really wet things up here. and then things should start to calm down a little bit. but cloudy and rain later, mostly cloudy, but a little bit of break here in the morning. 50s and 60s, these are well below average on the afternoon highs. there's no big warm up until, you know, a little bit warmer, but still probably below average towards the end of the week but between now and wednesday look for rain. >> all right. thank you steve. this morning crude oil prices are down. investors worry the high price
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of gas is causing drivers to cut back on spending. crude oil is now selling for just more than $98 a barrel. that's down $17, though, from the beginning of the month when it hit a 30 month high. the drop in crude oil prices is beginning to show up at the gas pumps here in the bay area. in san francisco the average is $4.29 a gallon. the difference is bigger in oakland and san jose. the average price there, 4.21, which is down a nickel from last week. all right. time is now 6:23. disturbing video that's captured on tape. search for hit and run driver who ran over a 10-year-old playing. plus staying one step ahead how people in louisiana are bracing for the rising flood waters from the mississippi river. good morning san francisco, traffic looks pretty good here approaching the 80 split. will it change, we'll be there when it does. we'll let you know.
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traffic is moving along pretty well at the toll plaza. a little bit slowing in those middle lanes but only a about a 2 or 3 minute delay. it may grow as the morning
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grows on. right in front of that parked car and then speeding hit him. police are still out there looking for the hit and run driver that -- the 10-year-old was playing with some friends, ran out between cars that's when the other car came by and just kept going. but the search, little boy again is okay. he's got some custom bruises. they're still searching. flood water from the mississippi river approaches. water is coming from a spill way that's open to divert water away from the heavy populated new orleans and baton rouge area but that's left thousands of homes in low lying communities at risk. people have been warned that the water -- to clear out of the area.
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louisiana's governor has asked that federal emergency agency adds another 11 parishes to the 22 that will receive flood assistants. the weather, cooperative, nasa says the shuttle launch was the smoothest launches of all 134 in space shuttle missions so far. injured giants fan brian stow is expected to return home to the bay area. we'll tell you about the next step in his road to recover and what los angeles police have to say about the investigation.
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welcome back to the morning news. they are getting the opening bell there live this morning, person of the year, 2011 brazilian personnel is trying to find out a little bit more information about that but is
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visiting there the new york stock exchange this morning. you can see on the lower part of your screen as we look live this morning, dow jones already down about 30 points. mostly in response to what happened in europe, concerns there about the arrests that we've been talking about, the person who was said to be the front runner for the presidency in france. numbers were down over night in asia as well. we'll keep watching. we'll go ahead and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us. monday may 16th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. the second to last scheduled u.s. space shuttle mission is underway. >> it was lifting off in florida just a couple of minuting ago. coming up for you at 6:45. we'll have a live report from the kennedy space center.
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we'll let you hear what the onlookers had to say about this beautiful launch. well injured giants fan brian stow is scheduled to be scheduled to bay area hospital today, that move comes 6 weeks after the brutal attack outside dodger's stadium. ally has been talking to los angeles police this morning because a lot of people are anxious to hear of any break in the case. ally. >> reporter: pam los angeles police tell me they are still looking for the two suspects accused of beating brian stow, so far as of this morning they have no new significant leads to tell us about. however, police say they will be having a press conference in los angeles tomorrow just to provide some general updates in their investigation. now in the meantime giants fan brian stow is still unconscious. he is still in critical condition. but he is expected to come to the bay area today. he's expected to arrive at san francisco general hospital some time today and he'll be transferred at the trauma center. he'll be giving -- given the same type of medical care.
6:33 am
the only difference now he'll be getting that care a lot closer to his family. it was 6 weeks aago when stow was severely beaten. his family says they are resentful towards dodgers fans or the city of los angeles. the family says they are grateful for the medical care he received in this report and they -- and the support they got from the community. >> we had to leave la that's been amazing to us but we get to come home and bring brian home. so it was bittersweet. >> reporter: his family says he is responding to some type of stimuli. the family is very optimistic and positive about that. stow is scheduled to be transferred by medical jet from lax to ffo. hospital spokesperson say they don't know when today that flight is going to arrive. we're going to work on getting more information and asking questions about that and we'll bring you updates later this
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morning. reporting live in san francisco. time now 6:33. police are searching for a gunman responsible for fatalely shooting a 26-year-old man. this happened just after 2:00 yesterday morning right in front of a house as louisiana. that gunman was seen leaving the shooting in a pickup truck, according to police. but the glare from street lights made it hard to identify the cover of the car. if you have any information about this case, contact the police. police in richmond are looking for the person who shot and killed a san francisco man. the 24-year-old victim was shot several times. found him in the back of the car at the bay cliff apartments saturday night. he was pronounced dead there at the scene. the six suspects time of the shooting death of german tourists will be arraigned in san francisco courtroom at 9:00 this morning. police say 50-year-old gnat was cost in the cross fire of gang shoot out last august near
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union square. officers didn't make any arrests until earlier this month after raids three bay area cities. with her husband to celebrate anniversary and 50th anniversary. time now 6:34. crews were about to remove an old oak tree today. they're making way for a water line project there. ktvu's frank is there to talk with some of the neighbors who have some questions about moving that tree. >> questions they definitely want to be consulted. the neighbor i talked to said she's willing to be arrested to save the tree. take a look at this. this is a flyer that the san francisco public utilities commission posted on some of the doors on friday letting them know that basically monday today they're going to be coming in and cutting down this tree. it's called the heritage oak and according to the person who owns this home, he had an -- come in. the tree is estimated to be between 250 and 300 years old,
6:36 am
so dating back to the revolution, revolutionary war before the constitution was even written. this tree is scaled to be cut down today by the san francisco public utility commission. the reason is it's part of the improvement program an on going project that has been started in order to improve the quality of the water and delivery system. the people in this neighborhood, however, they want an alternative. they want the san francisco public utility's commission to consider an other idea rather than cutting down the tree. >> we don't want them cutting it down until we have an opportunity to discuss with them what we think are viable alternatives to cutting it down. >> one is going under the tree which has been done before. it was done successfully in 1985. the other one is doing small portion of the pipeline above ground. >> i want today show you this because cutting down the tree isn't exactly step one of this project. see that huge backhoe over
6:37 am
there with hitachi on it. that thing has been there for a number of weeks now. digging a bigger trench, if you will, between the homes of either side of it. there's an easement back there. so the property back there is owned by the san francisco public utility's commission. they've got that backhoe that's been digging. you can't see behind me two huge pipes that are going to go into the ground eventually. this cutting down the tree will not be the first step. we're still trying to get ahole of public utility commissions to see when they're supposed to be here to cut down this tree. there's corroborating evidence around here. reporting live in -- craig, ktvu channel 2 news. police are investigating racist graffiti left on the building that houses a new community. now station officials believe they were targeted because of the perception that the african-
6:38 am
american audience despite its diverse staff. the station also changes its music format every three hours. one employee we talked to believed another factor could be responsible. >> we bring a lot of issues that haven't been brought up over the years and our listening base is getting more and more and more stronger because we're a new station. we were talking about things at city council and i think that this is just a ripple effect of that. >> they plan to hold an open house to indict the community to see what they're all about. police say that man fell 30 feet from the roof near lions street. now police shutdown the party at the house, but some pretty crowds kept hanging out in the area for several hours. during the bay to breakers race, they say 17 people were arrested for public intoxication yesterday. three were arrested for
6:39 am
assault, four were arrested for burglary, several more were pulled out of the race and they were confined. that's where they were required to stay until they became sober again. all right. 6:38 is the time right now. hearing from some of our viewers on that e-mail they enjoyed the race, though. they thought it was very nice compared to some of the years past. >> yeah, it was maybe people a little better behaved maybe something like that. >> good morning everybody. take a look at what we have now, you know, here it is monday. there goes that little model we play for steve, actually that was really cal tran and all. it looks pretty good. the weather is nice, but steve says it will change. we'll let him do that. the traffic is doing okay. i want to let you know because if you're planning your day and how you're going to be driving, you may want to driving in wet weather. this is a look at 880 north and southbound. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up for about 10 to
6:40 am
15 minute wait getting in to san francisco. now, here is steve. >> evening commutes, there's evening. we do have some sun breaks right here. we'll waiting for the sun system. left behind a few slight showers but now we're in between and stronger system is poised to move in this afternoon and it's still developing and holds a lot more moisture. this will be more winter like. it will give us widespread rain. and this one, again, well above average on the amount of water it's holding. today's forecast, that's called for some sun here in the morning, some sun breaks, partly cloudy, partly sunny. by noon, though, clouds start to roll in here, by this evening, i just went with rain. some of it will be moderate and maybe over an inch of rain for some conclusions all the way up to, i'll say russian river. there were -- i've seen some projections over an inch and a quarter. there's a lot going on here. and the associated low that's developing going to swing in right over us.
6:41 am
there in lies the source of power of this system for may. if it was wintertime, it's may it's pretty impressive. the wind will pick up as well and highs today really cool. 42, 43, fair field liver more, hayward 50. san jose is 48. and light rain has moved through. santa cruise mountain, santa collar are valley. had some earlier, that looks to be winding down now. but our next system has a lot of help from really strong jet stream and all that is poised to move in later. now tahoe gets a break as well for right now. but by this afternoon winter storm warning goes into effect 4:00 p.m. monday until 5:00 a.m. wednesday. snow totals another 6 inches to 12 inches possible. that snow level 5,000 feet. i don't know what happened there. it's going up a little bit. sun, clouds, rain later. we have some light showers, mainly south. highs stay cool. 50s to low in mid-60s and we'll
6:42 am
carry that to santa valley. that will be the warmest. rain moves in this afternoon tonight. takes us into tuesday morning. another one tuesday night into wednesday. we'll calm down and see less rain on thursday as high pressure builds in for about a day and a half. >> just announced, stage 2 of the california will be moved. it will now start in nevada city at 12:15 this afternoon instead of the valley. the change is being made because of dangerous conditions being forecast mostly over dawn or summit. this is the second day in a row it the weather has affected the tour. around lake tahoe was cancelled because of the severe weather. stage 2 will end in sacramento. it's expected at about 3:00. time now 6:42. casey brought it to you live less than an hour ago. gabrielle giffords finally saw her husband lead space shuttle endeavor. one of the most trouble free launches in shuttle history.
6:43 am
also the growing vile at nasa -- napa state hospital is prompting action in sacramento. good morning, traffic looks pretty good heading out -- out to the toll plaza and beyond. i'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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here is a quick look at some of the top stories we're
6:46 am
showing you for right now. scheduled to be moved from los angeles to san francisco general hospital today. he's been in the la hospital ever since he was brutally attacked 6 weeks ago outside dodgers stadium. pg and e will start pipeline testing today. they'll fill the pipeline looking for leaks. the crews will be looking at pressure gauges to figure out if there were any leaks. this is in response to the pipeline explosion last september. governor jerry brown will release a revised proposed budget later this morning. he could decide to release two plans, one could renew a call to expand higher taxes, the other could show the effect of an all cuts budget, which would lead to deeper cuts to public schools. well, nasa is calling the launch of the space shuttle endeavor routine, but people who aren't directly involved in the shuttle program call it
6:47 am
beautiful. craig is lucky to be there at kennedy space sent they are morning with this morning's launch and what happens next for the mission, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. i would concur, i would call it a beautiful launch. a little less than an hour ago. space shuttle every delve lifting off. lifting off from kennedy space center at 8:56 a.m. of course the final mission enlisted in so many emotional story lines surrounding the space program. and commander mark kelly, congresswoman recovering from  an asis nation attempt back in january. she was brought again to the kennedy space sent tore watch her husband lift off this morning. i'm told when they said good- byes -- their final good-byes before this, they exchanged wedding ring. he had her wedding ring in his
6:48 am
back pocket. they're way on the way to international space station. there will be four space walks. of course those are the final four scheduled space walks of the entire shuttle program because the other big deal, the big -- $2 billion apple magnetic spectrometer is taken to shed light on dark matter and give us more clues. so much rapped up into -- wrapped up into this endeavor launch. of course there's one more shuttle launch and then the shuttle program is wrapped up, pam. >> so great that we got to see it live everything is going well so far. thank you for that update. california lawmakers are looking at how to provide more protection for workers at napa state hospital. several new bills are being considered to make the hospital as well as other state mental hospitals safer. now one would give
6:49 am
administrators more detailed records about a person's potential for violence. another would require better emergency alarms and surveillance systems. it's been an alarming rise involved recently including two just last month. well on a lighter note, san jose sharks, they're going to try to bounce back on wednesday. they lost the first game of western conference finals. sharks got on the board first, though. the vancouver rallied with a pair of third period goals for 3-2 victory over sharks. and that disappointed shark fans who made the trip up to vancouver to see the sharks. game 2 set for wednesday in vancouver. then series moves back. make sure you watch for his report right here on ktvu channel 2. >> i love his reports because he's very excited. >> he's very good. 6:49 is the time. back over to take a look at
6:50 am
traffic. >> we have traffic that's getting busier around the bay area. as a matter of fact we're looking at the bay bridges backing up for about 15 minute delay. all of a sudden we do some slow traffic there which is nothing unusual, just having a busy monday at the toll plaza. also the morning commute is okay on 880 north and southbound with no major problems heading south. traffic looks good on westbound 24 as well down to 580. and this morning if you're in antioch even that traffic is beginning a little bit better. highway 4 is a little slow. 6:50. >> we do have a break in some of the clouds. you need to get some chores done. that's pretty cool this time of year. we will have another day of below average temperatures. the big news is a system that's going to spin in here this afternoon and evening giving us rain. i mean, not little stuff. it looks like maybe quarter of an inch, possible as this system develops and swings in.
6:51 am
right now in betweener here. an the one coming in tonight. 40s to low 50s rather charlie for some. there's been some light rain around -- chilly for some. this is very light. but it is a sign of things to come later on. one big little low right there, well, one big low, a little low went through. it's developing right back in here. that's going to wing in tonight. -- that's going to swing in tonight. we do have some sun breaks, but a quarter to of an inch widespread is on the forecast menu. we're not done yet. tuesday night into wednesday there will be some more rain until finally things move out. until then, some clouds increasing, rain moves in later on, temperatures, though, stay really cool for this time of year. 50s and low to mid-60s. antioch 64. that should tell you everything you need to know. it's a cool pattern and some of
6:52 am
these temperatures to mid-60s. that will be the warmest. off and on rain will take us this afternoon and evening into wednesday then a little better towards the ends of the week. >> thank you, steve. jcpenney reports first quarter profit rose to $64 million. that's up from last year and better than analysts forecast. revenue at stores opened at least one year rose 3.8% and that is considered a key indicator of a retailers top. good news from jcpenney. not a good news on wall street this morning, stocks getting pressured by the euro zone concern mostly over the debt issues across europe. live look at the big board. the dow jones down about 56 points. the number of homeowners making late or no payments on their mortgages fell for the fifth straight quarter. 600th 2% of borrowers were 60 plus past due. that is down from the same time last year. florida has the highest rate
6:53 am
followed by nevada which was no. 1 last year. california by the way is fourth. they saw the biggest drop. late payments are down more than 2% from last year. a little bit of good news. time now 6:52. the head of monetary front facing a judge today. what he's accused of doing and why he was arrested over the weekend. by now nearly everyone has heard of seal team 6. good morning right now, san francisco northbound 101 traffic is looking good. it's busy getting into town. we'll tell you more. ♪ [ rock ]
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welcome back to the morning news. today the moth ball fleet will get a little bit smaller, two more ships will be toted from the reserve fleet. we're taking a live look at the fleet right there. they will then be taken to texas for recycling. all of those reserve ships have been targeted for removal because they are dropping old paint and other parts into the water. ahead of the international monetary funds due in court today charged with sexually assaulting a maid. police took him to court to await arraignment. the alleged attack happened saturday at a hotel in manhattan. the attorney denies the claims. his wife says she doesn't believe it. the ims is announced acting
6:57 am
replacement for straws who by the way has been considered a leading contender to run for president of france. books about seal team six are flying off the shelves thousand you can expect toys and entertainment soon. disney owns the rights to the name which is the navy team credited with killing osama bin laden. disney trademarked that name just 2 days after the mission. so far the -- they never acknowledged that that team even exist. >> we know it's real. how is the commute. >> traffic is doing okay. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. that traffic looks good. bay bridge toll plaza is busy. this morning if you're in concord, traffic looks good heading south. >> a little bit of a break here
6:58 am
in the morning, some sun, scattered clouds, increasing clouds leading to rain coming in later on. this will be a whopper of a system. we're estimating a quarter of an inch by tomorrow night. also the winds along the coast and higher elevations will crank up later as well. >> also coming up next on the morning news, the school project about bees that's creating quite a buzz in one bay area city. the firefighters seem to be getting help from down south. stay right here with us.
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